Stone Rows and Circles in Dartmoor
Several month before I got some very interesting pictures of stone rows in Dartmoor, Devon, South England, photographed by Ian and Judith Honeywood . You can visit their impressive pages about dowsing at prehistoric sites at http://www.sover.net/~ihoneywo/
Now I would like to show some of them (sorry for taking so much time).
The rows in Dartmoor consist of not very high stones but they continue usually over a long distances. Many of them are double rows. 

This pictures shows the double row at Merrivale.

Curb Circle and Row at Downtor. Several rows start at stone circles and then continue for hundreds of meters.

Cist & Double Row at Shovel Down

A very impressive photograph of a row at Stallmoor.

Stone circle at Brisworthy.
All pictures above ©1999 Ian & Judith Honeywood

Devil's Arrows

The following 3 photographs of Devil's Arrows in Yorkshire have been sent to me by Albert Fischer. The site consists of three tall stones, standing in a line with a declination to NNW and SSE. All stones have vertical grooves.

Photos ©Albert Fischer


Avebury. One of the stones from the circle. (left)
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, 1,5 km south of Avebury. A man-made chalk stone mound, 40 m high. Silbury Hill ist the largest mound in Europe. Built presumably at 3 000 B.C. (right)

Three stones of the Avebury stone circle.

Photos by © Jan Bily


Stonehenge, England.
Photos by © Julia Haverkamp